I stayed by this stretch of beach outside Fethiye in the off-season, 2016. It was extremely rocky and covered with garbage and scary ants. Workers of a new hotel were preparing the waterfront, they had made the kitchen team assemble the beach gazebos or whatever you call them, all walking in a line in their kitchen uniforms very disciplined, and a tractor was moving the painful rocks away to uncover the sand. It was a weird scene and I couldn't exactly lose myself in a book. I turned my attention towards the garbage one late afternoon and noticed something. Because it had stayed on the ground so long in some places, everything had become blue and white. Like the portraits in the window of a hair salon, but also (duh) like the beach and the sky. Even stranger were these pieces of melted plastic I found that looked like shells or sea creatures. The garbage was a chameleon, blending back into nature. And of course some natural-themed things were fake. So that's the concept, the project is just started and I will add to it when I can.